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English for Future Careers


Group photograph of Mechanical Technology 3/27 taken in June 2009.



I have taught these students before and have been teaching Mechanical Technology students for some time now. Don't be fooled by the photograph depicting a classroom full of angels. These students will admit to not being the best at English; however, they work really hard and achieve good grades. This is because they believe in themselves and can be motivated to do well. All it takes is a bit of understanding from their teacher and the patience of a saint.


Play the slideshow of class members below by clicking on the play button.



This slideshow is not a "Rogues' Gallery." Over the years, I have grown to enjoy teaching Mechanical Technology students and feel confident that they will continue to succeed in their studies. The only problem is the lack of football matches during this semester, as this subject has always been a source of amusing banter (in English).


Video of the month can be viewed here:



The first day involves a lot of form filling and questionnaires. Armed with a supply of dictionaries, the "machinery boys" set about the task of induction.



Language Center
Udon Thani Rajabhat University
Course Syllabus
1552500: English for Future Careers


Course Description

This course develops the skills necessary to apply for employment and participate in interviews. Students will identify their personal strengths and produce curriculum vitaes (CVs) as part of their preparation for working in a real world environment.

The aim of this course is to equip the students with the relevant skills, so that by the end of the semester, they will effectively write their own CVs, with covering letters as well as successfully take part in simulated employment interviews.



At the end of the course, students will have effectively demonstrated competence in the following:
1. The writing of a personal CV.
2. The writing of a covering letter for their personal CV.
3. Participation in simulated employment interviews.
4. Use of Microsoft Word and email to complete assessment.


Secondary Objective

At the end of the course, students will have effectively identified their personal strengths and qualities and have been motivated to demonstrate their confidence in producing oral and written English.


Course Schedule




 1 Introductions and Placement Test 
 2 Personal Qualities 
 3 Personal Qualities 
 4 Capabilities 
 5 Capabilities 
 6 Achievements 
 7 Achievements 
 8 Education 


 10 Covering Letters Mid Term Test
 11 Interviews 
 12 Interviews 
 13 Interviews and Problem Solving 
 14 Interviews and Problem Solving 
 15 Revision 
 16 Final Examination - Interview  Scheduled Written Test



 Classroom Activities20% 
 Midterm Test30%
 Final Examination 50% 



Grading system

90 100 
B+ 85 89 
80 84 
C+ 75 79 
70 74 
D+ 60 69 
50 59 


Resources & Readings

How to Impress Bosses and Win Interviews. Careerfinder Ltd. 2006.

How to Impress at Selection and Win the Job. Careerfinder Ltd. 2006.

Glendinning, E.H. and Glendinning, N. Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Oxford University Press. 2003.

Jackson, T. The Perfect CV. Piatkus. 1995.

Roberts, J.D. Your Interview in Teaching. New Education Press. 1994.

Straw, A. and Shapiro, M. Succeeding at Interviews. Institute of Management. 1996.

Threlfall, B. Your Approach to Interview Questions. New Education Press. 1994.




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