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Human Security in the Asia Pacific Region: Security Challenges, Regional Integration, and Representative Case Studies.

By Otto F. von Feigenblatt

Yking Books 2010

ISBN 978-81-910588-1-9




This is a collection of working papers using the “Human Security Paradigm” to highlight and discuss a series of issues relating to conflict, politics and social standing in selected areas of the Asia Pacific region. As this is the case, the summary at the beginning of each chapter acts as an abstract and there are comprehensive references at the end for further reading. It is the first volume of a much larger project dealing with human security in the Asia Pacific region, which hopes to take into account North-east Asia and the role of education in the next volume. 


Human security is defined in this book as both protective and developmental. Protective in that individuals need to be protected from physical threats (natural, political and arising from the abuses of human rights) and developmental which includes repression, hunger and disease. In these abstract forms they are too simplistic in nature as in reality they are interwoven with each other, making definitions and resolution complex tasks. In addition, there is some doubt as to whether human security can be used to make significant changes to security internationally (Christie 2010).



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