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Developing Materials for English for Future Careers


Paper presented at: “Empowering Teachers of English as an International Language”
Chulalongkorn Language Institute National Seminar, Bangkok.
24-25 November 2009.



Paper published in conference proceedings pages 3-10.

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Paper published in The New English Teacher Vol. 4.2 August 2010, pages 155-164.

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Materials available at:






Arguably, English is now an international language used by more non-native speakers of English than native. The English for Future Careers course is taught in many government universities in Thailand by native and non native teachers of English in the hope that students will be armed with the necessary skills to apply for employment, whilst communicating in English appropriately in multi-national communities. However, there seems to be a scarcity of published materials available for use when teaching low-level learners these vital skills.


This paper recounts the process of course and materials development, focusing on the need to create materials that meet the desired outcomes of the course whilst accommodating the generally low language proficiency and motivation level of the learners. The process included the development of materials that were designed initially to be used at a government university in the northeast of Thailand and were then successfully adapted as supplementary worksheets to accompany an existing course book Get Ready for Business, designed to be used by college students throughout Asia.


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