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Reflective Thought

Article published in the Primrose and Blue, the newsletter of the Royal Army Pay Corps, July 2006, pages 38-39.

First published in Triple Crown, the news periodical of the Adjutant General's Corps, November 1999, Issue 14 pages 33-35.

As the sun slowly disappears behind the trees surrounding the swimming pool, I’m left reflecting over the last two weeks spent instructing the All Arms Service Funds course out in Cyprus. Not only that, but my mind wanders back to three years ago, when I first started to teach Service Funds, with the prospect of going to places like Cyprus, Germany and Jamaica. Three years later here I am, having instructed in the aforementioned countries; and at the end of my tour, with the prospect of my last tour of duty at the Royal School of Signals at Blandford.


So how has the last two weeks gone? Apart from the usual gripes about the course being too short and the instructor spending all his spare time diving, there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. When the results are sent out with the course report ten working days from the final examination, all the students will be finally put out of their misery. This All Arms Service Funds course was completely new to some of the students who had never come across any form of accounting before, others had been working in that environment for some time and found it easier to assimilate all the different aspects relating to Service Funds accounting. All were thankful that the course was coming to an end.


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