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From the bottom up: A case study of teacher training for primary school teachers of English in a Thai school in north eastern Thailand


Paper presented at:

“Actualizing Potentials in Language Education.”
The 4th PALT International Conference on Language Education (ICLE), Manila, Philippines.
3rd-5th December 2008.

Paper not submitted in person due to airport closures in Thailand.


“ELT in the Next Decade: Sharing, Caring and Daring.”
The 30th Annual Thailand TESOL International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
29th-30th January 2010.

Paper published in English Language Teacher Education and Development, Volume 12, Winter 2009, pages 31-43.

Access paper here.





Since the 1999 Education Act, large scale teacher training of primary school teachers of English in Thailand does not seem to have produced any tangible evidence of an improvement in English language teaching and learning. Some educational commentators would suggest that as the rest of ASEAN moves forward, Thailand is standing still.


This case study outlines a small scale initiative by a rural school to develop teacher training at grass roots level in the expectation that the model developed will be able to be transferred to other schools and districts in the Isaan area of Thailand.


Teacher training instigated from the bottom up, rather than the regulation top down is not new; however, for real educational reform to take hold, teachers must take responsibility for their own development and in conjunction with the Ministry of Education develop programs which motivate teachers to adapt to student centred communicative teaching.

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