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Mosaic: How do you refresh yourself (language and methodology wise)?

Article published in the Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TDSIG), Spring 2008, Issue 57 pages 12-13. International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).



The answer to this question will be different for many people; however, I am sure that one or more of the following areas will be relevant to some or all of us. At this time of year in Asia, there are many conferences that take place. In my early years of this profession, I liked to attend them and collect as much information as possible which would take months to digest.


This has not changed today, except that now I present as often as possible as I believe I have something to give as well as all the ideas and information I take away from the conference. Once I had attended a few conferences, I thought that I could do what all the experts were doing and I gave it a try. Local conferences at first; then national seminars and now international conferences.


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