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Ministry of Education (Thailand)




The Ministry of Education in Thailand has a website that you can use to inform yourself of what is officially going on in the education circles of this country. Subjects include learning methods, teaching methods as well as learning strategies and teaching development issues from around the world.


These pages may be of interest to ESL teachers as well as EFL teachers who are interested in education learning and language classes in Thailand.

Ministry of Education Articles

Ministry of Education News




Some articles I have written in the Bangkok Post have been posted by the Ministry of Education below:



Time to make the grade.


From tiny acorns.


The teacher-student divide.


Homework is to be done at home.


In debt to society.



The importance of intercultural education.



Reading at the right level.



Building a uniform framework of qualifications.



Science and English are not so different.



Placing students on the right tracks.



“Thainess” and education.



Too much credit?



Three steps toward better education.



Teaching English with the spirit of teamwork.


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