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ESEA College Asia


ESEA College Asia 


This project was instigated by Alec McAulay in Japan at the start of 2008 and uses the Flickr website to bring students from around the world together using the English language as their medium.


To quote Alec, “College Asia on Flickr is a collaboration of Asian universities allowing English-language learners to exchange photos and information about their lives. Universities in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines and Hong Kong participate to foster cross-cultural understanding.”


My students at Udon Thai Rajabhat University will be encouraged to participate in this project as part of their coursework. Students will be asked to post their favourite photographs on the internet using Flickr and write a description in English about their photograph.


The next stage is to find other students in the university who are part of the project and write comments about their photographs. After that, more photographs will be added to the students’ personal Flickr account and finally, it will be time to look for overseas students who are part of the project and make contact by commenting on their photographs.


Paper published in Acta Didactica Napocensia, Volume 2 Number 1, 2009, pages 109-114. 

Access paper at:


My photostream can be accessed at this link:



The students from the B.Ed. programme English major 4/1 have their own photostreams which they have kindly agreed to share with you at these links:


College Asia_Anothai UDRU 

College Asia_Atchapapron UDRU 

College Asia_Butsarakam UDRU 

College Asia_Kongnarane UDRU 

College Asia_Kwanjai UDRU

College Asia_Nattapong UDRU

College Asia_Nuanchawee UDRU

College Asia_Omjai UDRU 

College Asia_On-anong UDRU

College Asia_On-anang UDRU

College Asia _Orathai UDRU 

College Asia_ Panisara UDRU

College Asia_Phussadee UDRU 

College Asia_Pimpa UDRU 

College Asia_Pitsamai UDRU 

College Asia_Porntip UDRU 

College Asia_Rinda UDRU

College Asia_Sadja UDRU 

College Asia_Sarawut UDRU

College Asia_Somkiat UDRU

College Asia_Suganya UDRU

College Asia_Sunisa UDRU 

College Asia_Uraiporn UDRU 

College Asia_Wanrudee UDRU

College Asia_Warangrat UDRU

College Asia_Wipapan UDRU

College Asia_Wipawadee UDRU

College Asia_Wiroonnee UDRU

College Asia_Yuttasin UDRU



The students from the B.Ed. programme English major 3/2 have their own photostreams which they have also kindly agreed to share with you at these links:

ca2008_Araya UDRU

CA2008 Chonticha UDRU

ca2008_Gedsuda UDRU

CA2008_Getgan UDRU 


ca2008_Kanlayani UDRU


ca2008_khanitta udru

ca2008_Kingkan UDRU

CA2008_kusuma UDRU

CA2008_Laoongsai UDRU

CA2008_lekky_chonlada UDRU


ca2008_Mongkol UDRU


ca2008_Nitima UDRU


CA2008_piky_ply UDRU 

ca2008_Ratchaneeporn UDRU

CA2008_return2_love UDRU

CA2008_Salisa UDRU

CA2008_sujittra UDRU

CA2008_Sunaluk UDRU 

CA2008_supanee UDRU

ca2008_supatta udru

CA2008_Tantigon UDRU

ca2008_tawatchai udru

ca2008_Udom UDRU

CA2008_Wachara_arsenal UDRU





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