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41. English for Future Careers - Globalisation for Mechanical Technology Students
(Papers and Articles/English for Specific Purposes)
...      Paper presented at: The Graduate Research Conference UDRU, Building One, Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Thailand. 19-20 September 2009.   Paper published in conference selected papers ...
  From the bottom up: A case study of teacher training for primary school teachers of English in a Thai school in north eastern Thailand   Paper presented at: “Actualizing Potentials in Language ...
43. The Use of Flickr Photographic Networking in a Globalised World
(Papers and Articles/Computers and Internet)
... South East Asia (ESEA) 2008. National Institute of Education, Singapore. 4th-6th December 2008. Paper not submitted in person due to airport closures in Thailand.  Paper published in the conference proceedings, ...
44. Is there any way I can get free resources from some kind of foundation?
(FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)/Management and Administration)
If you are a non profit organisation, then the Books for Thailand Foundation can help. In order to receive materials, your organisation must have a library and some capacity to share and account for the ...
... that local networks of teachers and students can be formed, connected to neighbouring provinces, in order to make a much larger network that spans the whole of Thailand.   For this to happen, I have ...
46. ESL
(Archived Material/Archived News)
  Could English really become a second language in Thailand? A recent subcommittee on education standards development has urged the government to announce English as its second language. The idea ...
47. Hiring foreigners
(Archived Material/Archived News)
  Schools and universities across Thailand are desperate for foreigners to teach English at their schools. Whether it is for sound educational reasons or window dressing for a marketing ploy, foreigners ...
48. The use of graded readers for English language learning
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... of who were only interested in passing their Cambridge examinations by completing their course books as quickly as possible.   Teaching in Thailand gave me the opportunity to experiment with graded ...
49. More teachers and students find themselves in debt
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... keeping inflation under control, is India’s way of boosting their economy.Whilst this is seen as a populist measure for the forthcoming election in 2009, one wonders what would happen in Thailand if similar ...
50. The teacher student divide
(Archived Material/Archived News)
...   Traditionally in Thailand, teachers are respected within society. Today there are some who would argue with this point of view, as over the years the position of teachers has somehow been eroded. ...
51. Getting the job done
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... that Thailand is to move away from a teacher centred to a learner centred approach to English language teaching.     Unfortunately, our students don’t know what this is and neither do some of ...
52. Education, but at a price
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... to earn a degree at Thailand's tertiary / higher educational establishments such as vocational colleges and universities.     There are some teachers who believe that they are doing their students ...
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